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Everything You Need to Maintain A Perfect eCommerce Ecosystem.

SmartCommerce has all the essential eCommerce panels and apps for every user to run the entire eCommerce business with ease.

Admin Panel

The Seller

User Section

Deliveryman App



Control all aspects of the multi-sale system through the admin control panel, allowing you to efficiently manage employees and monitor performance. Benefit from real-time reporting and a point-of-sale system to centrally enhance and monitor business operations.

Password: 12345678

Control your commission and content

modify commission rates and design websites and applications

Manage permissions

Allocate roles and powers efficiently

Detailed Reports

Easily analyze profits and inventory.

comprehensive tracking

Manage merchants, delivery staff, products, and sales

Modify the appearance

Control the appearance of applications and websites and the arrangement of elements on pages.2



The Merchant app, accessible on Android and iOS platforms, streamlines business operations, allowing you to focus on business growth. Take control of all aspects of your business, effectively managing staff and monitoring performance. Utilize real-time reporting and a POS system to centrally enhance and monitor business processes.

Password: 12345678

Order Tracking:

Track customer orders accurately and in real time.

Adding Products:

Easy to add and update your products.

Detailed Reports:

Extract earnings and sales reports to analyze your performance.

Inventory Management:

Easily modify and track inventory with the push of a button.

Point of Sale:

Merchants can sell to their customers through the available points of sale within the Manager Panel.

Discount Management:

Merchants can apply discounts to their products, create discount coupons, and have the freedom to market their store effectively.


Delivery APP

The delivery app, accessible on both Android and iOS platforms, simplifies the management of deliveries for personnel, ensuring efficient and accurate handling, and delivering a seamless experience for every order.

Phone: 561234567
Password: 12345678

Order Reception:

Promptly receive new delivery orders.

Order Assignment:

Easily allocate orders based on priority or location.

Real-time Updates:

Instantly track order status on dashboards.

Route Optimization:

Optimize delivery routes for efficiency.


Generate comprehensive delivery reports.

Customer Support:

Instantly address any issues with support team.



Experience seamless shopping like never before! Explore and purchase products effortlessly through our user-friendly online store and Android & iOS applications, delivering a distinct and delightful shopping journey to our valued customers.

Phone: 987654321
Password: 123456789

Seamless browsing:

Easily explore products through an intuitive interface.

Easy to purchase:

Complete transactions seamlessly and securely in just a few steps.

Instant Offer Alerts:

Stay informed with instant notifications about the latest offers and discounts.

Personalized experience:

Enjoy a personalized shopping trip that suits your interests and preferences.


The ability to send notifications with the click of a button.

How Admin Earns from The SmartCommerce eCommerce Website?

As an owner, you can experience the most privileges and enjoy multiple revenue streams at the same time!

Seller-wise Commission

A fit-for-all business theme is pre-integrated with the SmartCommerce user website that comes with the core package.

Order or Category-wise Shipping

In terms of in-house shipping, you can earn from two types of shipping charges- order-wise and category-wise shipping.

In-house Product Selling

You can set up your own in-house shop and sell products alongside your sellers. It’s an independent earning method.

Built With Modern Technology For Cross-Platform Performance

We ensure flawless performance using modern technology such as Laravel & Flutter. So every user can use the app across all devices and famous platforms such as Android & iOS.

Any Business, Anywhere!

With SmartCommerce, you can start any online business from anywhere in your local area and take your business to the international corridor anytime. It’s very easy!



Mobile & Tablets



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Frequently Asked Questions

An eCommerce CMS is a solution that helps its users (sellers & admin) to add, edit, delete, and publish product-based content without coding.

CMS is a content management system that helps users to generate content for any kind of website. An eCommerce is a dedicated website for buying & selling products online.

SmartCommerce is a complete multi-vendor eCommerce CMS. With SmartCommerce, you can create, manage, and sustain your eCommerce business by selling digital & physical products.

Of course SmartCommerce, because this solution has both single vendor & multi vendor business models. If you want to start small, you can enable the single-vendor business model and sell in-house products. Later, if you want to expand your business, just change the business mode from single to multi-vendor and start adding sellers to your business. Yes, it’s that easy!